Open .tel
Telnic Limited, der Registrar der .tel Domains, kündigt hCard, OAuth and OpenID Support an.

Two of the things we’re working on at present to enhance .tel services are integrating OAuth (Open Authentication) and OpenID into .tel. I’m personally excited about this as I think that this will bring huge benefits to many people and realize a vision for .tel that encourages people to see it, not as a traditional domain name, but as more of a communications solution.

» Developments in OAuth and OpenID
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Happy Birthday Microformats
Die Microformats werden fünf Jahre alt und der geistige Vater, Tantek Çelik zieht Resumé.

[…] the number of pages published with one or more hCards recently crossed the 2 billion mark a few days ago according to Yahoo Search Monkey […] 94% of the time that data for rich snippets is marked up with microformats […]

» at 5: Two Billion Pages With hCards, 94% of Rich Snippets

OpenID, Facebook oder Twitter?
Die social optimization platform Gigya zeigt mit einer Infografik, welche Online Identities ihre User zum Anmelden nutzen. Im Gegensatz zu Echo (hauptsächlich Yahoo! Anmeldungen) und RPX (hauptsächlich Google Anmeldungen) hat bei Gigya erstmals Facebook die Nase vorne!

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