Neue Version von „Contacts in the Browser“

Contacts in the Browser kann jetzt auch OAuth:

Where possible, Contacts now uses the industry-standard OAuth login mechanism to access websites. You will need to re-connect your browser to your services once to set it up.

» Contacts in the Browser 0.4 released

Mozillas „Prototype of an Open Web App Ecosystem“

Und nochmal Firefox: Mozilla arbeitet an der Verschmelzung von Webservices und dem Browser:

Apps built using HTML/CSS/JavaScript that work both on computers and mobile phones, have many of the characteristics that users find compelling about native apps and provide developers with open and flexible distribution options.

» Prototype of an Open Web App Ecosystem


PubSubHubBub mit JavaScript abonnieren:

A little web service that allows you to subscribe to PubSubHubbub feeds from Javascript!

» PubSubJubhub

W3Cs FederatedSocialWebCharter

Das W3C will jetzt auch im OpenWeb mit mischen und ruft das (oder den) FederatedSocialWebCharter ins leben:

The mission of the Federated Social Web Incubator Group is to provide a set of community-driven specifications and a test-case suite for a federated social web.

» FederatedSocialWebCharter