Die federated social web-Community ruft den Social Web Acid Test – Level 0 ins Leben.

user A takes a photo of B from their phone and posts it, B gets notified that they are in a photo, C who follows A gets the photo and leaves a comment, A and B get notified of the comment, where users are on at least 2 (ideally 3) different services each of which is built with a different code base.

» Social Web Acid Test (SWAT) v0 draft
» SWAT0 – FederatedSocialWeb

Papal ID == OpenID + Payment?
Diese Grafik hab ich in einer Präsentation zu „The OpenID Foundation is looking for input from online retailers“ gefunden.

…klingt spannend!

» Quelle: The OpenID Foundation is looking for input from online retailers

Open Mail Format
Eine Anleitung wie man Microformats in HTML – E-Mails versteckt.

The Open Mail Format allows notifications to be tagged so that automated agents (electronic mail services) can provide users with custom information based on the content of the email.

OMF is based on the idea of microformats (http://microformats.org), which allow both humans and software to interpret the information encoded in the email. […]

» What is Open Mail Format
» Microformats