I am trying to answer a question for myself why WordPress themes are using hentry or h-entry on pages, as pages are not ‚datestamped content‘. Actually, in the ‚live-examples‘ on this page: http://microformats.org/wiki/h-entry I also see that it is mostly use for datestamped content like blogposts or comments.

However, I also found your theme and I see you use hentry/h-entry for pages as well. Why? I did not get much help on the IRC channels apart from:

I don’t think it’s incorrect to mark up pages with h-entry or hentry (the indiewebcamp.com wiki marks up every article with it)

For pages Google webmaster tools is going to give errors because it’s looking for ‚author‘ and ‚updated‘ which is not present on pages.

I also see you use ‚h-as-page‘, I could not find any docs on microformats website about this. Can you point me in the right directions what this h-as-page is about?

Kind regards,