SemPress is a highly semantic, HTML5 template, responsive and seo optimized. The theme supports most of the new HTML5 tags, the new HTML5 input-types, microformats, microformats v2 and microdata (

SemPress on different devices

POSH – Plain old Semantic HTML

From the micrormats wiki:

The term semantic-html is a mouthful, and belies both how simple it is, how well established it is among modern web designers, and the fact that it has benefits far beyond the obvious doing the right thing for the Web by using semantic markup. We need a simple short mnemonic term that captures the essence of the concept, and is easily verbed (to posh, poshify, poshed up).

SemPress is fully HTML5 compatible and uses a lot of the new tags, semantics and input-types.

Web Semantics

SemPress‘ code is marked-up with microformats and microdata:

Planned formats:

  • micormats (v2): hAudio and hMedia
  • microdata:

WordPress Features

SemPress supports:

Some Links

  • Some Articles about SemPress (mostly german)

50 Kommentare zu “SemPress

  1. I am enjoying SEM PRESS, and have a couple questions:
    Is it based on the Twenty Twelve theme?
    Is there support for featured images?

    I find support a strong feature.
    Have you considered adding a ‚custom post type‘ that would enable entry of : Reviews ?

  2. servus, dein theme ist wirklich klasse. danke dafür! vielleicht kannst du in einer deiner kommenden versionen das automatische verschieben der widgets ans ende des blogs irgendwie optional machen? auf dem ipad bräuchte ich das nämlich nicht, und da werden die widgets auch nach unten verfrachtet 🙂

  3. Hi Matthias,
    Very great theme!
    I have a question, in your website (as well as in the image in this post) there’s an image on the left side of each blog post.
    It seems an icon associated with the category… how can I implement that?


  4. Top Theme! Für meine Zwecke fast perfekt und deutlich vor den kostenpflichtigen Themes. Mir fehlt als Nichtzahler nur die Möglichkeit, ein Header-Bild, wie bei Dir hier, oberhalb der Navigation zu platzieren.

    • Hey Björn, schön dass es dir gefällt 🙂

      Leider habe ich ziemlich wenig Einfluss auf die WordPress Version… Jemand von Automattic hat mich angesprochen, dass er das Theme gerne für anpassen würde und das war’s… Ich hab keine Ahnung was genau sie alles umgebaut haben…

  5. Hi, great theme, I am using it for my company’s blog.

    I noticed that the right column is not displayed on iPad in landscape orientation. This is strange as it would fit inside 1024px. I solved this adding the clause „and (orientation:portrait)“ to the CSS:

    /* Tablet Portrait size to standard 960 (devices and browsers) */
    @media only screen and (max-width: 959px) and (orientation:portrait) { … }

    but you may want to review this to be sure it works as you expect.

    regards, VZ

  6. Hello, I just wanted to say Vielen Dank! This is a gorgeous template!

    The only problem I’m having is when I try to use a custom sidebar for one specific page. For my old theme I used the loop to determine if it was a specific page and then a would insert the different sidebar for the one page but that isn’t working now.

    I see in widgets you can have two sidebars but I don’t one on top of the other, I want one or the other. How do I now call I custom sidebar (not the default) for only one page?

    Regards, Chris

  7. Thank you for the wonderful theme. I was able to apply to my current blog and it’s beautiful, especially the smooth responsive to different devices. Also, the clean and simple catch design is another awesome!

  8. Hi Matthias.

    I really like your theme. I am using it on

    I note that you (and WordPress) say the theme supports featured images, yet I cannot implement this (I’ve added featured images to each of the pages, but the one image shows up on all pages).

    I’ve done a bit of Googling, and can’t find any examples of SemPress sites (either on or self-hosted) that have different header images on different pages.

    I also lodged a support request with, and they have concluded that the themes doesn’t support featured images.

    Can you shed any light?

    Cheers, Nick

    • Hey Nick,

      I am glad you like SemPress 🙂

      To your question: „Featured“ image does not mean that the header image is changed… I only sets a picture for each post… nothing more. Sorry if you expected something different…


  9. Hi!

    I am trying to answer a question for myself why WordPress themes are using hentry or h-entry on pages, as pages are not ‚datestamped content‘. Actually, in the ‚live-examples‘ on this page: I also see that it is mostly use for datestamped content like blogposts or comments.

    However, I also found your theme and I see you use hentry/h-entry for pages as well. Why? I did not get much help on the IRC channels apart from:

    I don’t think it’s incorrect to mark up pages with h-entry or hentry (the wiki marks up every article with it)

    For pages Google webmaster tools is going to give errors because it’s looking for ‚author‘ and ‚updated‘ which is not present on pages.

    I also see you use ‚h-as-page‘, I could not find any docs on microformats website about this. Can you point me in the right directions what this h-as-page is about?

    Kind regards,


  10. I like the sophisticated simplicity of this theme. It gives me all of the features I need to put my content front and center without visual distraction. Very nice work. Thank you.

  11. Senang, akhirnya telah tuntas berganti kulit. Sebelumnya  web log ini dibalut dengan HTML5Blank sebuah starter theme yang dirancang khusus untuk membangun web WordPress dengan cepat, ringan, kaya akan fitur dan yang paling penting mudah untuk dikustomisasi.
    Sekarang idnetter menggunakan theme SemPress, project dari Matthias Pfefferle. Tema responsive, begitu tampil apik di layar desktop maupun di 4.7 inchi layar smartphone. Fitur yang ditawarkan sangat menggoda, beberapa seperti :
    Upload logo
    Custom color (background, link dan text)
    Custom header (gambar)
    Pilih dua kolom dengan sidebar atau tampilan satu kolom penuh
    Mendukung format post standar, audio, video, chat, gallery, quote atau sekedar post share link.
    Dari semua fitur, yang membuat untuk memilih theme SemPress ini adalah Gratis dengan lisensi GNU General Public License Version 3. Terlebih tema ini berbasis HTML5 dengan kolaborasi  struktur microformats, microformats v2 ( dan microdata daripada Dimana nantinya web akan tampil di halaman mesin pencari dan memiliki rasio klik-tayang yang lebih baik.
    Stylenya saya rombak habis-habisan, butuh waktu beberapa jam, karena banyak yang harus “dibuang”, seperti font icon bawaan, box-shadow yang kurang saya minati, juga implementasi navbar dan grid menggunakan Bootstrap.
    Rasa senang ini tentunya akan lebih bermakna jika anda dapat menggunakan theme SemPress juga pada blog WordPress anda dan dapat menikmati manfaatnya.
    Download SemPress
    Download Themes SemPress melalui atau ikuti perkembangan terbaru di Github.

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