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Simple coComments is a simple WordPress Plugin to add coComments support to WordPress.

What is to do?

  • Upload and activate, nothing more
  • No theme customisation
  • No further settings
coComments Bar

Download V0.1

Customize coComment using CSS

I found an article for customizing the coComment using CSS at Andrea Michelonis weblog and uploaded a CSS file with the complete structure of the HTML Code of the script.

Be sure to use !important in the CSS file to overwrite the original settings.
Sample: table#cocomment-minibar { font-size: 18pt !important; }custom_coco.css

Right-click "save as"

38 thoughts on “Simple coComments

  1. [quote post=“347″]Can i change it with some css?[/quote]

    The problem is, that you can’t style a <script> tag with CSS. I tried to surround the tag with <div> and <span>, but it doesn’t work either. I think the problem is, that the JavaScript apends to the textbox so your only possibility is, to style the textarea.

    If someone has a better idea, please post it, so I can change the plugin.

  2. I have an idea 🙂 after surfing through the net, I found a tutorial and uploaded a file with the complete HTML structure of the Script. Please look in the article above under „Customize coComment using CSS“.

  3. If you use firebug, you can see what elements are created dynamically, and then modify your css to specifically target said elemtn… div.blah item item item { css };

  4. Hi there, I have a CoComment account so I can see a bar like what’s in your screenshot right now as I type this comment, but it just doesn’t show on my blog. I already tried dropping the unzipped folder as is into my Plugins folder and I activated it, but I didn’t see anything on the blog. Right now, I have just the .php uploaded to the Plugins folder, it’s activated, but still not showing? Am I missing something? Please help, I really like this plugin and would love to implement it on my blog, Thanks!

  5. Oh, you can see it now because it is not Simple coComments… it’s the code for WP provided directly from the coComments website and hard-coded into the template. Plugin won’t work still, sorry.

  6. [quote comment=“980″]@Absinthyium: I’ve checked your website and everything works fine with simple-cocomments… you only changed the design…[/quote]



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