Thanks so much to all the wonderful people supporting my work so far! You are awesome!

But why supporting me?

I am working on a lot of OpenWeb/IndieWeb/Fediverse stuff. I write, blog, podcast and code for an independent, decentralized and open web. You are here, because you maybe read one of my articles, heard a podcast episode or used one of my WordPress plugins. One thing: I believe in what I do and I will continue my work, if you donate or not… So you really do not have to donate something 🙂

…but if you want to say „thank you“, here are some proposals 😉


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  • BTC: 3ASNtnP74kSdXfPXKdhk6hJ77em7JY7juN
  • BCH: qrf9yj77zdqmmtkr2f2jljjcufzsvmqflq2xk0uaqc
  • ETH: 0x70F2DCF2Cc0836FA3FdaA6cB2dA92A7B0556e3DA
  • LTC: MJPoQvtkFRwWytxyEoHTDT447peJDQEgFG
  • BAT: 0x825bF42D0c7a3e98EfeeB453DDF930a8c75F9A98
  • XRP: rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg (710221656)
  • ZEC: t1KW9GRyP6d5MqVMbPZBsKgDn3C4Ce8esvT
  • ETC: 0xbbf34DB9Ff2F1CD33FF176ebdcDE8cE23CA60E75
  • DAI: 0x6fB803cd11f0c0e9f6A549A2fb3095ad7ccD6bA7


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Support a project I ❤

If you want to support a greater project or goal, here are some projects I support/use/love:

IndieWeb Let’s Encrypt WordPress Mastodon

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