A plugin to save posted Microformats using technorati feeds.

You only have to put <!--save-hcard--> or <!--save-hcal--> where you want the button to be displayed.



hCard Download-Button by Wolfgang Bartelme and Chris Messina to create a series of web-friendly icons and buttons for microformats. hCal Button by me.

save_microformats.zip V1.1

Changelog since V1.0

  • Added a new Icon for „save hCalendar“
  • Added some CSS

save_microformats.zip V1.0

If you have some ideas for other icons (I’m not very happy with the hCal icon), please let me know.

Please let me know about your problems and experiences with this plugin.

Ein Kommentar zu “Save Microformats

  1. hello
    nice plugin!

    but i have a slght problem

    when exporting to outlook, i get an error message that says that to avoid the error, i should establish the event option on gregorian instead of lunar (O_o!!)

    do you have a solution?

    thank you anyway 🙂

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