Plaxo setzt voll auf den neuen (großen?) Building-Block Portable Contacts (Portable Contacts is now Plaxo’s primary API):

We’ve been early adopters and evangelists for several of these building blocks, including OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial, and microformats. And recently we’ve also helped lead the charge to build another key piece of the „open stack“: a common API standard for accessing address book, profile, and friends-list data called „Portable Contacts“.

Die API-Section von Plaxo weist jetzt eine beachtliche Anzahl an offenen Standards auf:

We’ve revamped Plaxo’s developer section to focus primarily on the open building blocks we’re using. Starting now, developers should consider OAuth and Portable Contacts the primary way to access profile, address book, and pulse connections data from Plaxo.


Eine weitere Ankündigung (via Newsletter) kommt vom OpenID-Provider myOpenID, der (in Person von Brian Ellin von JanRain) ja schon auf dem PortableContacts Hackathon eine umfassende Demo zum besten geben konnte.

Portable Contacts is an emerging standard for transferring profile data and social connections across websites. Look for upcoming support of this new standard in myOpenID!

Dieses Feature würde mich dann doch davon abhalten mein eigener OpenID-Provider zu sein 🙂

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