I wrote a small Plugin that allows your users to easily fill out the comment forms of your WordPress Blog using an hCard. I got this Idea from SignUp pages like bragster.com or getsatisfaction.com.

After the installation, you get a small (import hCard) link behind your URL field in the comment form (if not, use <?php hcard_commenting_link() ?>).

hCard Commenting Step 1

If you want to write a comment using this festure, you simply have to fill out the „Website“ field with an URL to one of your hCards and to klick the „import hCard“ link.

hCard Commenting Step 2

…and thats it.

hCard Commenting Step 3

To try out this plugin, you can use my comment form.

One of the next steps would be some kind of avatar feature using the hCard photo (thanks to Brian Suda for the idea).

You can download this version on the WordPress Plugin area: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hcard-commenting/