This plugin creates an APML Feed using the the native tags and categories of WordPress 2.3.x, but it also supports UltimateTagWarrior and SimpleTagging for WordPress 2.0.11 – 2.2.x.

New Features:

  • Native WordPress Plugin
  • One version for WordPress 2.x up to 2.3.x
  • Permalinks support
  • Supports native Tagging as well as UltimateTagWarrior/SimpleTagging


Possible features for the next Versions:

  • Sidebar widget
  • I plan to integrate some kind of search which supports apml files…

Any suggestions are very welcome.

You can download this version on the WordPress Plugin area: or from the APML SVN:

2 Kommentare zu “New „APML for WordPress“ Version

  1. Okay, it seemed that your hCard plugin worked when I did as you recommended; namely entering the URL where my hCard was located. That did fill in the forms. Not sure why the „Website“ field was filled out „http://Array“ (no quotes, however.)

    The original comment was not posted, however when the browser refreshed I was „Welcomed back“ and apparently logged in to your site (via OpenID I presume?)

    All in all seems a bit clunky, but I do like the working concept of the hCard filling in stuff from a central source that I control.

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