Wegen dem ganzen Web3-Hype: Ich bin die Tage mal über das Web0 Manifest gestolpert

web0 is the decentralised web.

In other words, web0 is web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit.



Ich hätte da auch ein Manifest! Das Web-Manifest!

web is decentralised.

In other words, web is web0 without all the versioning bullshit.

19 Kommentare zu “Einfach nur „web“

  1. Sadly, “web” was never decentralised; it only looked decentralised in the early days because the ratio of clients to servers was low. If we want a decentralised web, we should accept that and focus on what needs to change: namely, everyone needs to have their own server for one.

  2. More: ar.al/2020/08/07/wha…

    (I don’t care what we call it – “web0” is just a counter banner to Silicon Valley’s “web3” – as long as we understand what the topological differences are. Any system based on servers that scale is basically the mainframe model and centralised.)

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