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    • Yes, I am working an a full mf2 support for this theme for quite some time. Perhaps I should check out Barnaby Walters newest php-mf2 and run some more tests. The avatar on this post is definitely at the wrong position 🙂

  1. I wonder how much effort would be required to do the same on wordpress (display ‚replies‘ from the #indieweb as comments on a wordpress blog post). I think you are a wordpress expert and will let you investigate 🙂

    If you are on IRC, join us in #indiewebcamp on #freenode!

    • That’s exactly what I have planned 🙂

      Aggregating comments is not that big of a problem and should be done with some little changes on the default pingback functionality of WordPress. The bigger problem should be the reverse way, because comments have no „real“ urls in WordPress. Perhaps we could add fragment support like superfeedr does: http://blog.superfeedr.com/fragment-subscription/ but single views for comments shouldn’t be a problem either.

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